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Doctor's Appointment

Medication Management

Whether you're interested in exploring medication options for the first time, if treatment has been ineffective, or if you've been stable on medication for years, our providers are here to truly listen to your needs and partner with you to develop the treatment plan that's right for you. Our providers take a 'less is more approach' and only prescribe medication when it is necessary, and will work with you on complementary treatments such as therapy, nutrition, and behavioral modifications when appropriate.


Our providers have taught psychopharmacology at some of the nation's leading schools as well as having certification as master psychopharmacologists.


Our providers keep up to date with the most current treatment options available and have a strong presence in the psychiatric community.


We believe in using the most current treatment options. Our practice offers genetic testing to help find the best medication fit for you.

Medication can be a helpful tool for many people struggling with mental health issues, however a significant portion of people still experience symptoms even with medication. Mental health conditions present and impact each individual differently. We believe taking an individual approach and doing a thorough assessment of the specific ways each individual is effected can significantly improve treatment response. 

We say no to the "pill mill" approach. Generally, all of our prescribers will conduct an initial evaluation that lasts about 45-60 minutes, with follow up appointments that are about 30 minutes. We believe this lets us get a more complete picture of all of the contributing factors that may be impacting response or need for medication 

Our prescribers want to see the whole picture of what's going on, and are able to order labs or genetic testing when appropriate to rule out things like vitamin deficiencies, thyroid dysfunction, or underlying genetic factors that may contribute to symptoms or response to medication

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